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Image restoration is one of the more satisfying aspects of digital graphics. It gives me so much satisfaction to bring renewed life to a family treasured image that was once thought to be damaged beyond repair.

Water damage and time took their toll on these photos. Now that they have been digitally restored, they will be here for many more generations to enjoy.
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©opyright notice. Images are not intended for public domain. You may not save or use these images in any way, without express permission from PatE's Graphics.
Very reasonable rates
Quotes are based on how much restoration your photograph will require. For a one time consultation fee of $25 (which will be applied toward the cost of restoring your image), I will provide an estimate of charges before any work is done. Please contact me for further information.

The process begins with the original image being scanned into digital format. Then the digital image is manipulated until the damage is no longer visible. Your original image will not be changed or harmed in any way. You will have a perfect copy to cherish and display. Your images will be printed on high quality photographic paper with your choice of sizes as well as saved to a compact disc (CD) for safe keeping and sharing with other family members over the internet.
All fees are USA Currency 
1/3 down payment upon signing contract
1/3 when project is halfway complete
1/3 upon completion


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